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Name:Basil of Baker Street
Birthdate:Jul 25
Player Name: Wolfie
AIM: My OOC screen name is magnodragon. Please say who you are when you message me.

Character: Basil of Baker Street
Series: The Great Mouse Detective
Version: Just after Olivia gets kidnapped
Age: ...I'm not even going to try. He's pretty spry though, so he can't be too old, while he's obviously well past his formative and adolescent years.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Almost completely ignoring any and all females or being terrifically condescending to them, while acting like Ratigan is his ex-lover and being all over Dawson...It will never be relevant, but I'm pretty sure Basil's gay. XD

Appearance: Being a mouse, Basil is one of quite diminutive stature. However, his posture almost never reflects the fact he's barely six inches tall (if even that, probably closer to four). Though slight of build, he's always standing straight and tall, brimming with confidence and a cocky grin. His fur is a darker beige color, with the underside of his chin (and possibly his belly?) a much lighter tone. His pink ears have fur on the backs and just over the tips, while he has mostly human hands and feet save for only having three fingers. For a mouse, he's really a rather handsome fellow, in that suave, British sort of way. He's well dressed, and in Paixao will have his olive trench coat with its capelet and black slacks, with his shirt underneath. He'll likely find a suitable house robe to replace the one left in London rather quickly.

Personality: Basil is inarguably one of the most intelligent mice in all the kingdom, and he's well enough aware of the fact that he'll often flaunt it. This leaves him acting condescending toward almost everyone, with the sole exception being his arch-nemesis the nefarious Professor Ratigan, who might be the only villain in London nearly as smart as he is. Basil has an incredible talent for deductive reasoning, and idolizes a certain Sherlock Holmes, from whom he gets many of his habits and mannerisms. His obsession with his work though has left him somewhat awkward in certain situations though, and the danger it presents has also made him wary of making new friends. He has a brilliant understanding of the mind and its workings even in a social sphere, but he can become very, very flustered or frustrated wen having to deal with certain unsavory behaviors or characters. Children and villainous or thuggish types never sit well with him, and his irritation with them is appallingly clear unless he has need to hide it--and he is quite the decent actor, even though his plans often aren't as well thought-out as his disguises. He is in no way immune to worry or fear (and no stranger to shouting in terror when his life is threatened), though he will try to reason away the danger of a situation so as to keep himself better focused on the task at hand.
Lastly, he is absolutely terrible with names. If a name doesn't strike him as important, he will never, ever see it as being worth his time to remember it. Most often, this will result in him messing up last names, then writing off the mistake as if he'd never even made one in the first place. In fact...this does extend a little further into his relations with others. If he doesn't see something as being incredibly important, he'll simply divulge the information without care, regardless of the effects it may have on the recipients--even if this might be rather bad news. This is due both to his determination to catching Ratigan, and his general condescending attitude. He isn't completely heartless, and he will feel bad if he realizes something he's said has hurt someone, but for the most part the logical part of his brain eclipses the emotional part. He'll be more proud of himself for having made a discovery about a person than he'll put thought into whether he should tell them or not.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: (Strengths referring to personality type strengths. Not physical ones.)
Basil is a mouse, and certainly not one for any feats of strength. However, his aim is terrifyingly accurate, as even off hand and paying only half a wit of attention he's able to throw a dart into a bull's eye behind him, and it takes him but a moment to aim at the direct center of a stack of pillows with an old pistol (whose sights were often only vaguely accurate at best, though he was at point black range).
He is incredibly determined and difficult (though not impossible) to dissuade once he's come to a decision. That, combined with his mighty intellect, can make him quite the formidable adversary, even to someone far more physically capable than he is. This makes him quite difficult to intimidate unless you have him in a situation that he can't easily escape, and even then he'll remain fiercely defiant.
Toby: Toby is Basil's faithful bloodhound. He's loyal, has a great sense of smell, and enjoys cheese crumpets. He is rather well trained, though Basil can't keep him perfectly in line (where a little girl can), and often Toby will growl at strangers, or chase cats.

Weaknesses: (Physical and mental)
He's a mouse. Just... a mouse. He might have a chance if he got into a tussle with...another mouse.
If someone can prove themselves able to outsmart Basil (an odious and supremely difficult task at best), he'll shut down. He can't abide by the thought that he isn't the most intelligent, and is fiercely competitive over the matter, at least where Ratigan is concerned. His highly logical mind can be tricked and played with, as his thought process is reliable and predictable--though it is complex enough that it takes a very good mind to make such predictions in the first place if they're to be accurate.

Basil of Baker Street is a well known name in the Queen's lands, and particularly in London. He's a famous, renowned detective, know for his exceptional successes and remarkable wit. He has repeatedly and often foiled the plans of Britain's greatest criminal mastermind, Professor Ratigan, and is really quite proud of that fact. This reputation has led him to a number of his cases, as people will find his name in a newspaper and seek him out for whatever help he might be able to give them. More often than not, his interest will not be piqued unless Ratigan is involved, but the instant the case is linked to that dastardly sewer rat Basil becomes quite enthusiastic and darts out the door.
A young girl named Olivia Flaversham was brought to Basil by a certain Doctor Dawson, whom the detective quickly pegged as a surgeon who'd just returned from the warfront. That was Dawson's first introduction to both Basil's extraordinary disguises and his incredible reasoning skills. Olivia's lost father was of no concern to Basil until he learned that Flaversham had been kidnapped by Ratigan's henchman Fidget the bat. Only moments later Fidget shows up outside Ratigan's window, and with the help of Basil's bloodhound Toby they follow the bat's trail to a toy shop. Olivia is kidnapped by Fidget, while Basil finds soldier uniforms and clockwork gears missing from different toys, along with a list the bat dropped. They return to Basil's home to learn the location of the particular seedy bar that Fidget frequents. (This is Basil's canon point.)
Basil disguises himself and Dawson, intending to quietly follow the bat back to Ratigan's hideout, or to gain information on the villain while there. A slip-up on Basil's part results in their drinks being drugged, though the action does not escape Basil's notice. Sadly, Dawson drinks his right as Basil tries to warn him, and almost immediately starts to exhibit signs of heavy inebriation. Dawson gets up on stage with a rather luscious performer, and Basil drags him out as a barroom brawl starts as a result. They follow Fidget straight into Ratigan's trap. Basil suffers a nervous breakdown over Ratigan's victory, and he and Dawson end up in a terrifying set of circumstances certain to kill them many times over. It takes Dawson's encouraging words to remind Basil that he can still win, at which point the detective's unbelievably brilliant mind is shown working at its utmost incredible capacity, calculating split second timing that not only saves him and Dawson from every trap meant to kill them, but frees them and Olivia as well. Not only that, but in those few moments he also figured out Ratigan's plan. All the while with an axe over his head, tied to a mouse trap, with a gun pointing at his and an anvil waiting to crush him (all of these are human-sized, mind).
With Toby's help again, they dash off to the Queen's Palace where the Diamond Jubilation ceremony is underway. Ratigan had Flaversham build a mechanical copy of the Queen, and had his henchman kidnap the real one. The robotic Queen then gave all the power in the Kingdom to Ratigan, via Flaversham's clever voice changing device. Basil makes his way to the controls for it, and dashes Ratigan's hopes, creating rather a grand amount of chaos. The villain escapes by kidnapping Olivia, taking to the skies in a small blimp. Basil and Dawson pursue him in a makeshift craft comprised of a balloon, a plank of wood, and a British flag, and catch up to him when they reach Big Ben. Basil crashes inside the clock and has a fight with Ratigan (or rather, tries to avoid getting killed by him at the same time as saving the girl). The fight leads them onto the clock hands, and both nearly fall, Basil narrowly catching himself on the edge. Moments later, both fall, and Basil just barely saves himself by catching himself on a piece of Ratigan's blimp that has a propeller that's powered by cycling, and he makes it back to Dawson.

Everything wraps up with Basil returning Olivia to her father, and then accepting Dawson as a partner for his next case as a woman shows up on his doorstep asking him for help.
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